What We Believe

In everything we do, we try to prove that we are truly alive.

We believe by taking ideas from the world of our imaginations and bringing them to life, we prove that we have truly lived.


What We Do

We shine light on the passionate few, bold enough to use their creativity to capture our hearts and minds.

Through Whipik Stories, we bring you short, suspense-filled stories from the minds of emerging writers that will leave your world a little brighter, a little more full of laughter and wonder.


The Whipik Experience

We guarantee a touch of magic that will leave you enthralled... every day.

Reading a Whipik story is no small experience... it involves emotional roller coasters, twists and turns, and seat-gripping anticipation, all delivered in bite-sized increments, causing readers to endlessly tap the screen to know the outcome of the story.