This content policy governs Whipik Stories’ (we, us, our, Whipik) relationship with providers of Content (Author, Provider) to the Whipik Stories platform (Platform).

By providing your stories for publishing and distribution on the Platform, you hereby grant accessing and using our Platform, you hereby grant us worldwide license to use, store, publish, display, distribute, reproduce, adapt, and translate your Content, and your name and biographical materials on the Platform. All rights not expressly granted to Whipik shall be reserved to you, and Whipik does not claim ownership in and to your Content.

Content made available on the Platform shall strictly conform with all the terms and conditions herein, and the Whipik’s Terms of Use. Content must comply with applicable law in the United States, and in any country it is posted from or otherwise accessible to, and must be in accordance with contractual obligation to third parties. In the event that Content is subject to third party rights or contractual restrictions, it is the responsibility of the Provider to inform us of such restrictions prior to delivery of the Content.

Content Exclusivity

Content on Whipik may fall into 3 different categories, and as such be subjected to different exclusivity terms.

  1. Whipik Exclusives. From time to time, Whipik may commission the writing of a story, and pay Providers once the commissioned work is delivered and accepted. Commissioned work, called Whipik Exclusives, are subject to a complete exclusivity agreement, whereby Providers agree that the stories can only ever be published or distributed on a Whipik platform, and never on any external or non-Whipik platform.
  2. Premium Stories. These are stories submitted by Providers, which Whipik brings under a contractual agreement. All Premium Stories are subject to a 5-year exclusivity agreement, whereby Providers agree that the stories can only be published or distributed on a Whipik platform, and not on any external or non-Whipik platform during this time period. Once this exclusivity period expires, Whipik reserves the right of first refusal to renew the exclusivity agreement by an additional 5-year period.
  3. Non-Exclusives. These are stories freely submitted by Providers, without a contract or compensation from Whipik. These stories are not subject to an exclusivity agreement.

Whipik reserves the right to change the accessibility and pricing structure for any type of Content on the Platform, at any time, without notifying the Provider. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary contained herein, if a Non-Exclusive Content is to be upgraded to a Premium Story, Whipik with engage with the Provider of the said Content.

Modification of Content

Whipik Stories will review Content contributed by Providers and may suggest editorial improvements to enhance the Content’s chance at engaging readers. Providers are welcome to consider, and accept or reject the feedback and suggestions at their own discretion. Whipik Stories will not make material changes to any Content, such as rewriting any material part of the Content, without written consent from the Provider.

Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary contained herein, Whipik Stories may change, amend, or edit the following aspects of Content for use on the platform, in good faith and with reasonable judgement:

  1. The title, cover art, synopsis, genre, and tagline. Such changes shall be made in consultation with each Provider, so as to improve the Content's performance on the platform.
  2. For technical processing, enhancing user experience, and distribution in order to meet the requirements of the Whipik Stories platform(s).

Prohibited Content

Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for everyone to discover and read quality Content. Content submitted must be appropriate for the Whipik Stories community. The following types of content will be prohibited on Whipik Stories:

  1. Content that infringes, in whole or part, on any intellectual property. If the content is not provided by its creator, or has not received the creator's written approval, then it cannot be used.
  2. Content that promotes bullying, discrimination, violence and hatred, with an intent to threaten or harass a person or group of people.
  3. Content that invades another person's privacy or reveals personally identifying information of real people, including name, address, contact information, physiological descriptions, media, and the like.
  4. Content that contains pornographic material, or in any way describes extreme or illegal sexual acts, including non-consensual sex, sex with minors, sexual torture, and the like.
  5. Content that advocates for and actively promotes illegal activity, crimes or other unlawful acts.
  6. Content that directly or indirectly causes anyone to engage in self-harming behavior.
  7. Content that contains material that is defamatory or disparaging of Whipik Stories, or that gives the impressions that it originates for Whipik Stories.
  8. Content that advertises a business, product or service, or contains solicitations for a user to make a purchase, without prior written approval from Whipik Stories.