1. How do I create a chat story?
    Story Title
    Story Synopsis
    - Character 1: <dialogue dialogue dialogue>
    - Character 2: <dialogue dialogue dialogue>
    - Narration to provide context.
    - Character 1: <dialogue dialogue dialogue>
    - Character 1: <dialogue dialogue dialogue>
  2. Can I submit in prose format?
    No, prose format is not allowed. This is a chat story challenge, and needs to be written as such. See Question #1 for how to write your story. Refer to the chat story writing guide at www.whipik.com/guide if this is your first time writing a story like this.

  3. Do I download the app and use it to create a chat story for this competition?
    You download the app to read through examples of Chat stories. However to create chat stories, you can simply type it in an email or a Word document and share.

  4. Where can I submit my work?
    Send your story by email to to stories@whipik.com

  5. Should the submission be in Word document or PDF format?
    Submissions can be in MS Word, PDF, or copied directly into email.
  6. Is there an age limit for Entering the challenge?
    There is no age limit for the challenge. Do keep in mind that our target readers are typically 18 and above, so try to cater to them.

  7. Are writers from other African countries eligible to participate?
    Of course, we welcome and celebrate writers from all African countries. And if your story is one of the finalists, then prizes will be awarded in your local currency.

  8. Can I write in Swahili (or other language)?
    For now we’re only accepting stories in English. Work with someone to translate what you write if possible. Don’t worry, Swahili, and other languages will be supported in the future.

  9. Do we write a story in the conventional way and you convert it to a chat story/animation?
    Once you submit you story in the chat format mentioned in Question #1 above, Whipik will convert it into the animation and share with you. This way, you can easily post onto your social media pages.

  10. Can I make a regular submission to Whipik and still submit for the challenge?
    Currently Whipik is only accepting stories for the Chat Challenge. You are welcome to submit stories to this.

  11. How can I be a part of Whipik, is there any registration required before submission?
    You become a part of Whipik by submitting your story to the challenge. In March 2021, the app will be enhanced to give you the ability to register. That’s when the fun really begins.